Saturday, July 5, 2014

Skin SOS

My apologies for my dramatic title but when skin suddenly breakouts, it is an SOS moment.  I had one a couple of days ago. Skin was fine in the morning when I headed to work but once it was dinner time at my parent's house, the eruption happened. Thanks Pops for pointing them out!  As soon as I got home,  I took off all my makeup, washed my face with a mild cleanser, applied a face mask then slapped on some ointment to all the nasty suckers. I woke up the next morning and I saw amazing results!! Lads, I've tried loads of products from drugstore to high end. I think I have found the best ones! Very very happy girl here.

Avene Cleanance Mask. I've been a fan of this french brand for a couple of years now. Actually, I'm a huge fan of french skincare in general. Oui oui! I believe in treating skin as gently as possible even if one's skin is not sensitive.  Might post a separate one with strictly frenchie skincare as a lil treat. Anyway, this clay mask is formulated for oily to blemish prone skin. This mask has mild exfoliation qualities and is rich with Avene's Thermal Spring Water. A couple minutes of this and skin is mattified and smooth.  This is perfect for the summer. I use this once a week since my skin's not as oily as it used to be but if you have very oily skin, go wild and use it 2-3 times a week. Just don't leave it on for more than 5-10 minutes at at time or you might crack. :) This product can be purchased in selected Walgreens Look Boutiques ( Bonjour Walgreens DC Chinatown) or online  If you're up for it and have some dough to drop, head on over to Europe! Oh and take me with you please. 

Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask.  This is the mask I slapped on when I had my little episode. Love love love love. It dries out pimples and sucks out any impurities. You can literally see your pores coming out when this has dried on the skin. Gross but I love seeing that it's working! I leave this on for a little longer than what the package says. Warning. It will be hard to show any emotions via your face when this has dried. Might make a great game in future get togethers.  Available in your nearest mall with an Origins store or Sephora aka Candyland.

Clean and Clear Acne Spot Treatment.  It is the best on the spot treatment I have EVER tried.  My skin reacts better to salicylic acid than benzoyl peroxide. I will always repurchase this and feel no need to try other brands. This is the best. It applies clear and is best worn under your moisturizer day and night. Apply this when you start feeling a bump and if you're brave, apply when the zit is inflamed. Gonna sting but no pain no gain!  It's also very budget friendly and available everywhere.  Open up any beauty magazine or blog and this sucker is always on the favorites list. 

Calendula Ointment.  Ok. Time to get gross and honest. I know we've all been told to not pick or pop (gasp!) spots but we all do it. No need to lie. So, if you do, this ointment is the shiz! Don't apply the Clean and Clean one but only this if you've done the deed. You will wake up the next morning with a much smaller bump and no blood or oooze or whatever comes out. To me, this is the most impressive product and I'm so glad to have researched and researched and found this miracle of an ointment. Mind you, this was not made specifically for  what was just mentioned but after reading the ingredients and reviews of others, I took a leap. I applied this paraben free product after the charcoal mask and I woke up with great results!! This stuff is also great for burns, insect bites and chapped lips. This is a miracle ointment. Please run to your closest Vitamin Shoppe or health food stores.  This is an all around great skin savior.  Plus, it's by the amazing french skincare manufacturer Boiron. No worries though. It's less than 10 dollars for this tube that will last you forever. 



Monday, June 30, 2014

Brooklyn Diary June 2014

Brooklyn Bridge

Jane's Carousel

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Dumbo (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass)

So much more to explore. I shall be back Brooklyn for another quick adventure.


Friday, June 27, 2014

5 Things...Drugstore Makeup

Hi friends! Took quite a long break but for now, I am back. This is partly due to my sweet  friends who requested I blog again. I started blogging a couple of years ago as an outlet for everything that interests me and to prove that it's The Little Things Too that make life amazing!   I also didn't realize until now how much I've inspired people with my posts. This is like my diary ( a very public one) for me and also my friends.  To ease my way back, here are 5 makeup products from the drugstore I'm really loving and it so happens to be very affordable. I plan on always having these 5 beauties in my stash. They're GOOD. Enjoy and please keep checking in for a variety of posts of food, travels, movies, makeup, music, books, name it! 


NYC Bronzer in Sunny. I think matte bronzers are the most versatile type of face makeup. Since it does not have any shimmers, it's perfect for contour and all over bronzing.  No worries about looking like a big disco ball face especially in the day time! I've also found this useful when one has used foundation that's a tad too light. This will fix that issue right up.  I love this so much I've gone through more than 3 of these puppies.  This is comparable to Benefit Hoola. 

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone. This is one of the best eye shadow palettes in drugstores. It is so buttery and glides on beautifully.  Plus, the neutral colors on the left hand sides are all dupes to MAC.  Score! I take this one palette when I travel and I'm good to go. I hope this never gets discontinued. I'll be forced to buy 10 of these if that's the case. :)

Rimmel Match Perfection. I am new to the foundation game but this has  really stood out for me. It's easy to apply, light to medium coverage and does not cause my skin to break out.  I believe in taking care of my skin so I don't have to use heavy foundation and concealers. This is just the right amount of natural coverage. If you prefer medium to heavy, you might want to look else where.  Basically, this is perfect for all the newbies like me. P.S. This is even better when worn with a face primer.

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso.  I am sucker for peachy golden blushes. This will suit all skin tones especially with a bit of a tan. There is a slight shimmer but not offensive. It provides a gorgeous highlighter effect. Who dares hate on that?! This is comparable to the ever so famous Nars Orgasm blush. 

NYX Butter Gloss. Never been much of a lip gloss fan until these showed up. Goodbye stickyness!  My fave colors are Creme Brulee and Eclair.  Perfect for daytime and even better worn with a smoky eye for nighttime. Oh and they smell and taste yummy. Winner!