Sunday, December 2, 2012

Check It Out on Netflix

Oh Netflix my Netflix.  I can't rave about it enough and no, I'm not being endorsed. I wish they would though!! Anyway, I've come upon some gems and I thought I would share. I know there's many of you who do have Netflix or know someone who does.  These are just some of my recommendations. 

Best documentary I've seen this year!

Trust me, it's not cheesy. I was bored with a friend one night and decided to take a chance on this. Glad I did! I know, the visual above is
What a beautiful film! Very touching and evocative. This film shows how a tragedy and much sadness in ones life can be overcome with redemption. love. I dare you to not shed a tear. :)

I can't believe I'm just getting into this show. Take a quirky family who love and support each other and add a baby, you get a fantastic tv comedy!  This show warms my heart and tickles my funny bone at the same time.

I have to represent. This is a film from the Philippines. I think compared to other Pinoy films I've seen, the quality of this film is not bad. I feel there's actual thought into this film and style wise, very different from others. This is worth checking out especially for all you Filipinos tired of watching movies like it's a 3 hr TFC drama. Plus, if you understand Tagalog, it's cool to not have to read the subtitles!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Five Things...Hair

Happy December!I have been on a hair product kick lately. Trust me, I still don't know how to style it but I'm learning how to take care of it. :) I like very easy to maintain hair and a bit on the messy side. I don't have the typical Asian pin straight hair but it is on the fine side not thick. Bummer for me right? That's ok. You deal with what you're dealt with and shut the front door with complaints! I've done some research and so far these are the products my hair has not rejected. Yaay! I'm even inspired to venture out of my comfort zone and try something really new with my hair...color. Oh yeah. I said it folks.  Stay tuned.

Josie Maran is an amazing brand. This is one of her best! I apply this on my ends. Wow wow wow. It makes my hair so soft and not greasy at all. You just need a pump or two and you're set!  Bought this at Sephora and def on my repurchase list.
This is a must for all of you who don't wash your hair everyday. By the way, good call on that. Shampoo is so harsh and strips your hair of it's natural oils. In between washing, this has been my best friend.  Just spray your roots, distribute evenly with a comb and fluff. Poof, hair looks freshly washed! This is very inexpensive. Less than 5 bucks! I've been blessed with fine hair and an oily one. haha. This is my oil warrior!

Best hair ties also known as Twistbands!!! So soft and does not tangle your hair. I also am a fan of a heavy wrist aka wearing lots of bracelets with my big watches. This is so cute as part of my arm candy.  
Another Sephora discovery. Charlotte Ronson Beach Hair. You know when you go to the beach and after a whole day of salt water exposure, hair always looks GORGEOUS! This is that minus the sun damage and sand. Ugh. Pesky sand. Apply this when your hair is damp and just tousle away. Note, this is meant for a spray here and spray there. If you apply too much, it can get too crunchy but compared to other "sea" sprays, this is not bad at all.
Just finished bottles of this stuff. It really does work..well at least for me. Nothing worse than hair all over one's bathroom floor. This will eliminate some of that.  Like I preached about before, you shouldn't wash your hair everyday anyway but when you do, this is a great one.  I tend to not use the same shampoo so since I finished this, going back to my trusted Mr. Ed shampoo just to shock my hair a bit. Big ups if you can guess the shampoo/conditioner. lol.