Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ouefs En Cocotte

Don't panic. This is basically baked eggs in ramekins. I'm sorry for getting fancy but I could eat breakfast food anytime of the day. It can kind of feel rebellious eating breakfast for dinner but I think its mostly because breakfast food is uber comforting.  Personally, I panic when I open my fridge and I don't have at least 1/2 dozen eggs. Weird, I know. It's just that eggs can be eaten anytime and is affordable. Next to onions, garlic, and tomatoes, egg is my staple for cooking and of course, eating.  Here is a recipe for a traditional French bistro breakfast.  Not too many ingredients but the outcome is oh so good. I will add though that you may find it difficult to locate white truffle oil. If you do, please check out your local Marshall's gourmet food section. I've always found bottles there but I got mine from a specialty store in Atlantic City. (After a couple of hours of gambling, I felt the urge for some gourmet food shopping. I roll like that. lol) Please, try your best to get your hands on one. It makes a huge difference and is delicious with pasta and drizzled on creamy soups.

What you will need:

- 2 eggs, preferably organic
- 2 tbsp. of cream (I use heavy whipping cream)
- some butter to brush inside the (2) ramekins
- salt and pepper to taste
- truffle oil

1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F and turn your kettle on for boiled water.
2. Generally brush some room temperature butter  inside the ramekins.
3. Crack one egg per ramekin.
4. Place both ramekins into a baking dish.

5. Add the cream, season with salt and pepper and of course, the truffle oil. You just need two drops of truffle oil per ramekin.

5. Once you've seasoned your eggs, pour boiling water into the dish about halfway up on each ramekin. Put it in the oven for about 15 minutes.

Serve immediately. Bon appetit!

I like to eat these with my buttered rye bread fingers.  I think I'm going to add some ham next time!