Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pretty Little Things

I am definitely a walking contradiction. Basically, if I had to sum up my clothing style, it would be girly meets tomboy but mostly it's tomboy. I like androgyny with my clothing. I like simple lines that can be dressed up and down. I'm totally the other way for my living quarter. I like it GIRLY. Pinks, greens, plaids, flowers, whites. Think Shabby Chic meets Marie Antoinette. That's it. To me, this aesthetic is just so warm and comforting. Im gonna tell you that right now, my bedroom looks like an outdoor garden. It's my oasis. Not really into modern style living. I'm a bit afraid for the guy who will eventually steal my heart and build a home with me. All I have to say is..he better get used to flowers and lace!!!  Ciao for now.